Andreas Köhler


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Kinder der Hoffnung (Promised Lands), 2021
Directed by Yael Reuveny

Dark Eden, 2019
Directed by Jasmin Herold

Global Family, 2018
Directed by Andreas Köhler

Haymatloz, 2014
Directed by Eren Önsöz

Wer ist Thomas Müller?, 2013
Directed by Christian Heynen

Schnee von Gestern, 2013
Directed by Yael Reuveny

Tour De Faso, 2011
Directed by Wilm Huygen

In Between, 2011
Directed by Claudia Schmid

Nobody's perfect, 2009
Directed by Nico von Glasow

Feature Film

Borrowed White (Geborgtes Weiß), 2020
Directed by Sebastian Ko

1000 Arten Regen zu beschreiben, 2018
Directed by Isabel Prahl

Schwester Weiß, 2015
Directed by Dennis Todorovic

Wir Monster, 2014
Directed by Sebastain Ko

Eines Tages..., 2010
Directed by Ian Dilthey

Sascha, 2009
Directed by Dennis Todorovic

Die Dinge zwischen uns, 2008
Directed by Iris Janssen


Deutsches Haus (The German House), 2022/23
Directed by Randa Chahoud, Isabel Prahl

Bonn, 2021/2022
Directed by Claudia Garde

Westwall, 2020/2021
Directed by Isabel Prahl

Kein einfacher Mord, 2020
Directe by Sebastian Ko

Helen Dorn - Nach dem Sturm & Atemlos, 2018
Directed by Sebastian Ko


Grimme Award 2020 (Dark Eden)

Max Ophüls Preis 2018 (Global Family)

German Camera Award 2012

German Film Award Best Documentary 2009 (Nobody's perfect)

2x Nomination German Camera Award (Amor Fati, Pietas)

4x Nomination Best Cinematography Camerimage Lodz (Die Unsichtbaren, Stillleben, Amor Fati, Glasfasern)

2x Nomination First Steps (Amor Fati, Pietas)



Director: Sebastian Ko
Director of Photography: Andreas Köhler

A farmhouse on a hill – it used to be imposing, but now its paint is peeling. But nonetheless it points to wealthy landlords – not owing to money, but rather academic excellence, one could assume. Not showing off social status, but inheriting it. Rudolf’s (62) cave, in which Marta (44) and Nathan (5) live, has become their home. The academic loves his family, which unexpectedly ran into his arms. The three of them are an intimate team. Until Valmir (28) bursts their bubble.
The Albanian seasonal worker doesn’t speak much. And yet he is very direct and demanding – knowing that others took what they wanted as well…

A neo-noir film about past sins and the yearning for change.



Director: Jasmin Herold
Director of Photography: Andreas Köhler

On a journey for an answer to the question, "How high is the price for a better life?", the director explores Fort McMurray in the far north of Canada, home of the largest industrial project and the third largest oil reserve on the planet. People from all over the world come here to earn sky-high salaries at the sacrifice of the environment. Film and reality collide as the director finds herself in her own personal nightmare.

Andreas Köhler was awarded a Grimme Award for his work on Dark Eden.