Film Music

Balz Bachmann

Scores for a.o. HUNGRY SAINTS (Marc Wilkins), SHALOM ALLAH (David Vogel) - Premiere: Semaine de la Critique Locarno 2019, BIS ANS ENDE DER TRÄUME (Wilfried Meichtry), STILLE RESERVEN (Valentin Hitz), YALOM'S CURE (Sabine Gisiger), DIE SCHWARZEN BRÜDER (Xavier Koller) Read more

Frans Bak

The pioneer of 'Nordic noir' has composed film music for over 30 years, among others for the acclaimed series THE KILLING (for the Danish original FORBRYDELSEN as well as the US remake), DOCTOR FOSTER, LILYHAMMER, the documentary NOMA - MY PERFECT STORM and Oscar nominated short films. New album: PIANO Read more 

Volker Bertelmann aka Hauschka

Oscar nominee Volker Bertelmann recently scored THE DUBLIN MURDERS (Saul Dibb a.o.), SUMMERLAND (Jessica Swale), THE NAME OF THE ROSE (Giacomo Battiato), ADRIFT (Baltasar Kormákur), PATRICK MELROSE (Edward Berger), LION (Garth Davis) Read more 

Boris Bojadzhiev


Henning Fuchs

worked on the music for more than 40 films including NARCISSUS AND GOLDMUND (Stefan Ruzowitzky), AUTOBAHN (Daniel Abma), new album: A NEW BEGINNING Read more 

Karsten Fundal

Selected scores: CHERRY BLOSSOMS & DEMONS (Doris Dörrie), THE REST and HUMAN FLOW (Ai Weiwei), LAST MEN IN ALEPPO (Feras Fayyad), THE SHADOW WORLD (Johan Grimonprez), VIRGIN MOUNTAIN (Dagur Kári), THE ACT OF KILLING (Joshua Oppenheimer), FLAME & CITRON (Ole Christian Madsen) Read more

Hildur Guðnadóttir

The Icelandic Academy Award winner composed the film music for a.o.: JOKER (Todd Phillips), CHERNOBYL (Johan Renck), SICARIO 2: DAY OF THE SOLDADO (Stefano Sollima), MARY MAGDALENE (Garth Davis, co-composed w/ Jóhann Jóhannsson) Read more

Erdem Helvacioglu

Scores for a.o.: TRUST (Sefa Ozturk), BROTHERS (Omür Atay), SERIAL COOK (Ümit Ünal), SEABURNERS (Melisa Önel), FASULYE (Bora Tekay) Read more

Alev Lenz

Fall Into Me for Charlie Brooker's Netflix series BLACK MIRROR, latest single: May the Angels (Netflix series DARK - season 2), new LP: 3, debut feature film score for Im Nachtlicht (directed by Misha Kreuz) Read more 

Gary Marlowe

World Premiere at Hof International Film Festival

Gary Marlowe has set the Julia von Heinz directed episode Für immer und Dich of the German crime series Tatort to music. World premiere at Hof International Film Festival 2018; nominated for the Deutscher Fernsehkrimipreis 2019 and winner at Baden-Baden Festival of TV Films. Read more 

Selma Mutal

Selma Mutal wrote the music for amongst others: MILK OF SORROW/ LA TETA ASUSTADA (Claudia Llosa), LOS EUROPEOS (Víctor García León) - to be released in early 2020, THE VANISHED ELEPHANT (Javier Fuentes-León), NADIA COMANECI - THE GYMNAST AND THE DICTATOR (Pola Rapaport) Read more

My Name is Claude

Music for documentary Dream Boat

My Name is Claude wrote the score for Tristan Ferland Milewski's successful documentary Dream Boat, which had its world premiere at Berlin International Film Festival 2017. Read more 

Michael Nyman

Music for a.o.: THE PIANO (Jane Campion), THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE AND HER LOVER (Peter Greenaway), MAN ON WIRE (James Marsh), THE OGRE (Volker Schlöndorff), WONDERLAND (Michael Winterbottom), GATTACA (Andrew Niccol), ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (Ian Bonhôte) Read more

Leonard Petersen

Premieres at Munich International Film Festival

Leonard Petersen wrote the score for Blind & Hässlich (Blind & Ugly, directed by Tom Lass) and Detour (directed by Nina Vukovic). World premieres: Munich International Film Festival 2017 Read more 

Kim Planert

scored among other films SKID ROW MARATHON (Mark and Gabriele Hayes), INTO THE BLUE II (Stephen Herek), A REASON (Dominique Schilling), CHASING GRACE (David Temple) and TV-series such as TIMELESS (NBC), CASTLE (ABC), MISSING (ABC) Read more 

Johannes Repka

Cleo (directed by Erik Schmitt): Soundtrack nominated for German Film Music Award

Erik Schmitt's debut feature film, an adventurous trip through time and a treasure hunt through the German capital, all the way to a spot under the Devil’s Mountain, opened Berlinale's Generation section. Johannes Repka's film score for Cleo is currently nominated for the German Film Music Award 2019 Read more

James Reynolds

Monuments Men from Timbuktu

Lutz Gregor's documentary, set to music by James Reynolds, tells the story of the daring rescue of a unique World Cultural Heritage. First broadcast: February 22, 2017 Read more 

Tin Soheili

composed for among other films: MADE IN BANGLADESH (Rubaiyat Hossain), to receive its world premiere at TIFF 2019, ROQAIA (Diana Saqeb Jamal) with premiere in Venice, WE COULD BE HEROES (Hind Bensari), WONDERFUL COPENHAGEN (Bo Tengberg) Read more

Matija Strnisa 

Music for HOUSE OF HUMMINGBIRD (Dir. Bora Kim), GOLAN SWIMMING POOL (Dir. Esther Zimmering), PATHS (Dir. Chris Miera), THE FORGOTTEN ARMY (Dir. Signe Anstrup), METEORSTREET (Dir. Aline Fischer) Read more 

Florian Tessloff

Filmscore for Tatort - Zeit der Frösche

Florian Tessloff composed the music for Zeit der Frösche, an episode of the German crime series Tatort, directed by Markus Imboden. Read more 

Gert Wilden

Grimme Prize nomination for Katharina Luther

On occasion of the Reformation Jubilee 2017, Julia von Heinz directed a biopic on the former nun and wife of Martin Luther, Katharina von Bora, set to music by Gert Wilden and nominated for the Grimme Prize 2018. Read more