Gary Marlowe

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A musical storyteller, who became known for his unusual combinations of electronica and orchestra, the award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Gary Marlowe works primarily for films. Among his most recent works is Jakob Preuss´ documentary “When Paul came over the Sea”, earning him a nomination for Best Music at the 6th German Documentary Film Music Awards 2018 as well as the Julia von Heinz directed Tatort-episode "Für immer und Dich", currently nominated for the Deutscher Fernsehkrimipreis 2019.

Marlowe began playing piano at four, shared the stage with Iggy Pop and The Ramones with his band later, became a No.1 hit songwriter, and is a producer for several top acts.

Following studies in Ethnomusicology in Berlin, he studied Composition for Film in Siena, Italy, with Oscar winners Luis Bacalov (“The Postman”) and Nicola Piovani (“Life is beautiful”), winning the Emma Contestabile Award in his final year. Further awards include five nominations at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards, nominations at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (2012), and the Max Ophüls Preis, for Best Film Music (2017).

In addition to his work as film composer and producer, Gary Marlowe develops his own music installations aural frames in co-operation with visual artists (such as Richard Nonas and Gianni Moretti). International exhibitions include the Biennale di Venezia.
In 2013, Gary Marlowe was chosen by the World Soundtrack Academy, to compose and perform a commissioned piece with The Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Ghent Film Festival (alongside Angelo Badalamenti, Mychael Danna, James Newton Howard, Clint Mansell, Dario Marianelli, Gustavo Santaolalla and Howard Shore).
Marlowe is a lecturer at various academies, such as the SAE School of Audio Engineering. He is a Berlinale Talent Alumnus, a member of the World Soundtrack Academy, and the European Film Academy and was recently declared Steinway Artist.


Tatort - Für immer und Dich, 2018
Directed by Julia von Heinz
Nomination Deutscher Fernsehkrimipreis 2019

Planeta 5000, 2018
Directed by Carlos Val

Pete’s Last Dance, 2018
Directed by Benjamin Teske

The Milk System, 2017
Directed by Andreas Pichler
Winner 11th International Fünf Seen Film Festival
German Conservation and Sustainability Film Award, NaturVision Filmfestival 2018

When Paul came over the Sea
, 2017
Directed by Jakob Preuss

Winner 20th Shanghai International Film Festival
Nomination Best FilmMusic 38th Max Ophüls Preis Festival
Nomination 6th German Documentary Music Award 2018
Nomination Grimme-Preis 2019

Strawberry Bubblegums
, 2016

Directed by Benjamin Teske

(Scrappin'), 2016
Directed by Max Zähle

Winner 37th Max Ophüls Preis Festival

Sex & Crime, 2016
Directed by Paul Florian Müller

Treffen sich zwei
, 2016

Directed by Ulrike von Ribbeck

Winnetous Sohn
, 2015

Directed by André Erkau
Winner 31st Warsaw International Filmfestival

, 2015

Directed by Dieter Primig

, 2014

Directed by Jan Georg Schütte
Grimme Preis 2015

, 2014

Directed by Marcus O. Rosenmüller
Nomination Best Film Music Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2015

The Old, the Young and the Sea, 2013
Directed by Mario Hainzl
Winner Surffilmfestival Cologne & Munich
Winner Cape Town Wavescape Film Festival
Nomination Best Film Music Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2014

Houston, 2013
Directed by Bastian Günther
additional music
Winner Hof International Film Festival, Förderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino

Jedes Jahr im Juni
, 2013

Directed by Marcus O. Rosenmüller

Sogar die Nacht, 2013

Directed by Paul Florian Müller
Nomination Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2013

Inside the Stones
, 2012

Directed by Alessio Jim Della Valle
UNESCO webseries with music by Nine Inch Nails, Gary Marlowe and Moby

1949, 2011
Directed by Paul Florian Müller
FBW-Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll
Nomination Shortcutz Berlin Awards

Stubbe – Querschläger
, 2011

Directed by Marcus O. Rosenmüller

Heisse Spur, 2009
Directed by Marcus O. Rosenmüller

A Place Called Los Pereyra, 2009
Directed by Andrès Livov-Macklin
Nomination Best Film Music Documentary Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2010

Das Echo der Schuld
, 2008

Directed by Marcus O. Rosenmüller

Schuld und Unschuld, 2007
Directed by Marcus O. Rosenmüller
3 Nominations Film&TV Music Awards Los Angeles

Kunstfehler, 2006
Directed by Marcus O. Rosenmüller
Nomination Film&TV Music Awards Los Angeles

Celebration Of Flight
, 2006

Directed by Lara Juliette Sanders
Best Foreign Film Gloria Festival, Best Documentary Thin Line Festival, U.S.A., Documentary Film Award Festival de Dijon

Lautlos ('Soundless'), 2005
Directed by Mennan Yapo
Winner Cognac Festival du Film, Special Jury Prize WorldFest Houston: Platinum Award



Directed by: Julia von Heinz
Music: Gary Marlowe

A man and a teenager are driving through the night. Are they a couple? Father and daughter maybe? When all of a sudden the notebook is stolen from out of their car, the man chases the young thief who ends up in a ditch with his moped. The man takes his notebook and leaves the scene. The police begin their investigation and discover a connection to a case from two years ago when Emily Arnold disappeared. The investigators join forces to solve both cases …

World Premiere on October 25, 2018 at Hof International Film Festival
Nomination Deutscher Fernsehkrimipreis 2019

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Director: Andreas Pichler
Music: Gary Marlowe

There's one thing milk stands for — health. It's seen as natural and nutrient-rich. But is it really that healthy? We set out to take a critical look at the milk system. Along the way we'll meet farmers, dairy owners, politicians, lobbyists, NGOs, scientists. Each has their own views on the value and consequences of an industry with worldwide impact. Whether in Europe, Asia or Africa, milk is the allegorical model of streamlined-for-growth global food production. The film uncovers surprising truths behind the system. Who profits at whose cost? Does the system have a future and are there alternatives?

Winner 11th International Fünf Seen Film Festival
German Conservation and Sustainability Film Award, NaturVision Filmfestival 2018



Director: Andreas Pichler
Music: Gary Marlowe
Paul is a migrant from Cameroon. He has made his way across the Sahara to the Moroccan coast where he now lives in a forest waiting for the right moment to cross the Mediterranean Sea. This is where he meets Jakob, a filmmaker from Berlin, who is researching a film about Europe’s borders.
Soon afterwards, Paul manages to cross over to Spain on an inflatable rubber boat. He survives – but half of his companions die on this tragic 50 hour odyssey. Once in Spain, instead of getting psychological help, he is sent to an immigration detention centre on a prison island. It is only upon his release that Jakob and Paul meet again, at a Red Cross shelter in Granada. Because of the economic crisis in southern Europe Paul decides to continue on to Germany, the former colonizing power in Cameroon and the country of his dreams.
When Paul comes to Jakob’s homeland, Jakob has to decide: will he become an active part of Paul’s pursuit of a better life, or remain the detached filmmaker? In the end the film takes a twist that neither Paul nor Jakob could have expected when they first met in the forest in Morocco. The film tells the story of their unusual friendship; a friendship that grew in the politically problematic context of the ongoing European debates on migration.

For his film score for Preuss' latest documentary, Gary Marlowe received nominations for Best Film Music at 38th Max Ophüls Preis Festival as well as for the 6th German Documentary Film Music Award 2018.