Yael Reuveny


Born and raised in Israel, Yael Reuveny began her studies at the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem in 2000. During her studies, Yael Reuveny was involved in directing, writing and producing several films that were screened at festivals around the world, among them her graduation film Kleine Miriam'l. Since her graduation in 2005 she is based in Berlin.

Yael Reuveny’s work includes several short documentaries which she directed and produced for the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the video installation Jerusalem Variations, which was part of the exhibition “My name is Esperanza” in Santander, Spain.

Her first and highly praised documentary film Tales of the Defeated (Toldot Ha’Menutzachim, 2009) is a personal voyage through family history and Jewish history that crosses countries and cultures. It was produced as part of the project A Triangle Dialogue - a compilation of 5 documentary films from Israel, Poland and Germany exploring the clash of different cultures in society and politics. Yael Reuvenys contribution to this project was awarded the Sponsorship Award of the DEFA Foundation, the Short Documentary Award of the Jerusalem Film Festival and the Cottbus Discovery Award a.o. Tales of the Defeated is the investigation of a personal, unspoken family mystery, the story of Feivke Schwarz, an Eastern European Jew who turned into Peter Schwarz, a German communist. The allegedly lost and beloved brother of Reuveny’s grandmother had chosen to keep on living nearby the concentration camp where he had been a prisoner.

Yael Reuveny continues her search for the traces of her lost relative in her feature length documentary Farewell, Herr Schwarz, in which the director finds herself on a journey between Israel and Eastern Germany, past and present, victims and victimizers.


Farewell, Herr Schwarz, 2012
Directed and co-produced by Yael Reuveny
Producer: MADE IN GERMANY Filmproduktion
Co-producer: The Black Sheep Filmproductions Tel Aviv, Channel 8 (Israel)
WDR (Germany)

Tales of the Defeated, 2009
Directed by Yael Reuveny
Producer: MADE IN GERMANY Filmproduktion
Supported by Stiftung Zurückgeben
Awards, among others: Anat Pirchi Award for Best Short Documentary, Jerusalem Film Festival
The Bnaya Zuckerman Award for Best Short Documentary, Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 
dokumentART, European Documentary Film Festival Neubrandenburg
Promotional Prize of the DEFA Foundation + Discovery Award, Cottbus Film Festival
Special Mention, Docencourts - Lyon Film Festival

Jerusalem Variations, 2006
Video installation for the exhibition project "My Name is Esperanza" in Santander, Spanien

Kleine Miriaml, 2005
Directed by Yael Reuveny



Director: Yael Reuveny



Michla and Feiv'ke Schwarz, sister and brother, could have re-met in Lodz in 1945. But they didn't. She migrated to a Jewish state in the Middle East and founded a family there, while he returned to East Germany, changed his name to Peter, married a German woman and lived the rest of his life in the camp where he was once a prisoner. But they are just the beginning. 

The outcome of their decision effects the course of whole lives, for generations to come, here and now: Their children, who struggle to deal with their parents' silence and their own unasked questions. Their grandchildren who are haunted by family secrets and forced to question their own identity. Two families, in Germany and Israel, not knowing about each other for years, are strangely mirrored. 

Farewell, Herr Schwarz is an epic documentary by director Yael Reuveny, granddaughter of Michla Schwarz, about stories that can be inherited like the color of your eyes. A personal journey, beween Israel and Germany. 1 missed-meeting, 2 families, 3 generations.