Fred Kelemen

Sarajevo Songs of Woe

Sarajevo Songs of Woe, a filmic triptych composed of Blue Ballad for Lovers, Blue Psalm for Wolves, and Blue Rondo for Survivors had its world premiere at the 32nd Warsaw Film Festival. Read more

© Konrad Waldmann

Axel Schneppat

Garage People directed by Natalija Yefimkina

Filmmaker Natalija Yefimkina’s directorial debut is dedicated to the Russian man’s refuge, the garage, in the in­hospitable area of Northern Russia on the Kola Peninsula. DoP: Axel Schneppat. World premiere: Berlin International Film Festival 2020. Werner Herzog Film Award 2020, Nomination German Documentary Award 2020, Nomination German Camera Award 2021 for Axel Schneppat Read more

Andreas Köhler

Borrowed White (Geborgtes Weiß) directed by Sebastian Ko

Andreas Köhler was entrusted with the camera work for Sebastian Ko's current feature film Borrowed White - a neo-noir film about past sins and the yearning for change. Read more

Voxi Bärenklau

Cinematography for feature film 00 Schneider - Im Wendekreis der Eidechse

The cinematography for Helge Schneider's latest comedy 00 Schneider - Im Wendekreis der Eidechse has been entrusted to Voxi Bärenklau. Read more