Freya Arde

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Freya Arde is an award-winning composer, guitarist and music producer and regarded as “one of Germany’s top talents in film music” (MDM magazine Trailer). Her latest works include the Dutch-German youth film My Extraordinary Summer with Tess, the adaption of the cult book by Germany’s most popular forester, Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of Trees and the documentary Life on Tape.

Right after completing her Master's degree in film scoring at the University for Film and Television Berlin Babelsberg in 2016, she won the German Film Music Award as Best Newcomer for her debut film score to Nelly’s Adventure.  

Freya Arde studied at the Conservatory of Music in Dresden and at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris.

Her unique soundscapes combine acoustic instrumentation with audio processing and electronics. She has worked with orchestras like the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg and the Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt.

In 2020 Freya Arde released her debut EP as a solo artist, Spirit Awake.


Corridors of Power (Kulissen der Macht), 2021
Directed by Dror Moreh

Almost Fly, 2021
Directed by Florian Gaag
co-composed w/ Anna Kühlein

Nächste Ausfahrt Glück - Freunde für immer (AT), 2021
Directed by Esther Gronenborn

Nächste Ausfahrt Glück - Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser (AT), 2021
Directed by Esther Gronenborn

Viva Forever, 2021
Directed by Sinje Köhler

2 Minuten, 2020
Directed by Lisa Miller
Nomination Best Original Score Die Seriale (Digital Series Festival)

Nächste Ausfahrt Glück, 2020
Directed by Francis Meletzky
2 episodes (Beste Freundinnen, Juris Rückkehr)

Bilder (m)einer Mutter, 2020
Directed by Melanie Lischker
Music: Freya Arde & Jens Heuler

The Hidden Life of Trees, 2019
Directed by Jörg Adolf, Jan Haft

Palast der Gespenster – der letzte Jahrestag der DDR, 2019
Directed by Heike Bittner, Torsten Körner

My Extraordinary Summer with Tess, 2018/19
Directed by Steven Wouterlood
Nomination Jerry Goldsmith Awards (Best Score for a Feature Film)

Ever After (Endzeit), 2018
Directed by Carolina Hellsgård
Premiere Toronto Intl. Film Festival
Nomination German Film Music Award (Best Song)

Farewell Yellow Sea, 2018
Directed by Marita Stocker
Premiere Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis
Nomination Max Ophüls Preis (Best Filmscore)

Fortschritt im Tal der Ahnungslosen, 2018
Directed by Florian Kunert

1937 - Das Ende der Unschuld, 2017
arte/ZDF, Directed by Heike Bittner
2x54 min, multipart TV documentary
Nomination Jerry Goldsmith Awards (Best Score for a Documentary)

Applaus für Felix - Ein Tag im Bundestag, 2017
Directed by Matthias Eder

Charlotte Knobloch – Ein Leben in Deutschland, 2017
Directed by Dominik Wessely

Baba & Sohn – Im Hamam, 2016
Directed by Deniz Zagli

Nellys Adventure, 2016
Directed by Dominik Wessely
German Film Music Award (Best Newcomer)
Nomination Jerry Goldsmith Awards (Best Score for a Feature Film)

Die Bombenlegerin, 2015
Directed by Bernadette Kolonko

Ariana Forever!, 2015
Directed by Katharina Rivilis

Männer, Möpse und Motoren, 2014
Directed by Henning Beckhoff

Das Mädchen mit der Violine, 2013
Directed by Sebastian Blech

Pfadfinder, 2010
Directed by Michael Roitzsch



Director: Melanie Lischker
Music: Freya Arde & Jens Heuler

Life on Tape tells the story of director Melanie Lischker's mother from the early 1970s on, recorded by her father in over 100 hours of super 8- and video material. The climate of the time, torn between emancipation and a conservative way of thought, rubs off on the biography of the young woman who struggles to find and free herself from expectations towards her as wife and mother. The documentary investigates the engagement of three generations of women with the traditional role allocations of their time.

World Premiere: DOK.fest Munich 2021



Director: Carolina Hellsgård
Music: Freya Arde

A different zombie film. Two young women, Vivi and Eva, flee the confines of the Weimar zombie-free community. Their journey takes them into a lush and beautiful apocalypse: in the absence of humans, nature has taken over. Finally realizing that the fight against the undead may not be theirs, a new understanding emerges. Female written, directed, shot and produced.

World Premiere: Toronto International Film Festival 2018