Johannes Repka

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After having studied guitar and composition in Mannheim and Weimar, Berlin-based Johannes Repka obtained postgraduate composition and arrangement degrees and graduated at the Film and Television University Konrad Wolf (HFF) in Potsdam-Babelsberg in Film Music.

Prior to his studies in Film Music, Johannes Repka already worked on successful film productions such as the international coproduction Return of the Storks which was among the national nominees of the Oscar Academy Awards 2008. Furthermore, Repka received the Franz-Grothe-Prize for the best up-and-coming film composer in 2011 and wrote the score for the highly praised feature film Die Kriegerin (Combat Girls) by David Wnendt, which received international and German awards, among them the German Film Award in diverse categories in 2012. In 2014, Repka was nominated for the German Film Music Award as well as for the Peer Raben Music Award for his score for Erik Schmitt’s short film Forever Over whose latest short film Berlin Metanoia with a score by Repka was premiered at Berlin International Film Festival 2016. Johannes Repka received the Czech Film Award 2016 for his score for Schmitke, directed by Štepán Altrichter and was nominated for the German Film Awards 2017 for his score for Andreas Dresen's adaptation of Timm Thaler. Furthermore, Repka was nominated for the German Film Music Award 2019 for his soundtrack for Cleo, directed by Erik Schmitt.

Besides working for film, TV productions and theatre, Johannes Repka regularly works as guitar player and orchestrator, amongst others for the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester (DSO) and the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg.


Cleo, 2019
Directed by Erik Schmitt
Nomination 'Best Score' - German Film Music Award 2019
Nomination 'Best Song' - Jerry Goldsmith Award 2019

Hanni & Nanni: Mehr als beste Freunde, 2017
Directed by Isabell Šuba

Timm Thaler, 2016
Directed by Andreas Dresen
Nominated for the German Film Awards 2017 for Best Music

Seitenwechsel, 2015
Directed by Vivian Naefe

Schmitke, 2014
Directed by Štepán Altrichter
Czech Film Award 2016 for Best Music

With Love from Madagascar, 2013
Directed by K. Prühl/ K. Harden
adventure documentary

Combat Girls, 2010
Directed by David Wnendt
3x LOLA - German Film Prize 2012

Did Michael Knight end the cold war?, 2009
Directed by Štepán Altrichter

Glioblastom, 2008
Directed by Axel Ranisch
Up and Coming 2009; Achtung Berlin 2009

The Return of the Storks, 2007
Directed by Martin Repka
National Nominee Oscar Academy Awards 2008


Liebe. Jetzt!, 2020
Directed by Pola Beck, Tom Lass

Warten auf'n Bus, 2020
Directed by Dirk Kummer

Wir sind jetzt, 2018
Directed by Christian Klandt

Alibi Agentur, 2014
Directed by Erik Schmitt
ZDF TV-pilot

Die kleine Meerjungfrau, 2013
Directed by Irina Popow
ZDF fairytale movie

Hannah und Einer von uns, 2012
Directed by Carsten Fiebeler

Aleyna - Little Miss Neukölln, 2010
Directed by Štepán Altrichter
KIKA, documentary

Versteckspiele, 2008
Directed by Martin Repka
ČTV drama

Kleine Lichter, 2007
Directed by David Wnendt
ARTE drama 


Hedon, 2018
ted by Julian Dieterich

Kleptomami, 2017
Directed by Pola Beck

Berlin Metanoia, 2015
Directed by Erik Schmitt
Berlin International Film Festival 2016

Wenn Spatzen schmatzen, 2015
Directed by Elisa Klement

L-Liebe, 2014
Directed by Tanja Bubbel
Winner Backup Festival Weimar

Forever Over, 2014
Directed by Erik Schmitt
Audience Award Corto Circuito Santiago de Compostela
Jury Prize and Audience Award Competition, European Short Film Festival Cologne

Telekommando, 2014
Directed by Erik Schmitt
Cannes 2014

Topper gibt nicht auf, 2010
Directed by Félix Koch

Ravioli Ritter, 2009
Directed by Félix Koch
adventure comedy

Die kleine dicke Meernixe, 2008
Directed by Axel Ranisch

Chicken Wings, 2008
Directed by Pauline Kortmann
Award: Goldener Spatz Erfurt

Das letzte Mahl, 2000
Directed by Martin Repka
ARTE; Nomination International Filmmusic Biennial Bonn 2001



Director: Erik Schmitt
Music: Johannes Repka
Erik Schmitt's debut feature film, an adventurous trip through time and a treasure hunt through the German capital, all the way to a spot under the Devil’s Mountain, has been chosen as opening film for the Berlinale section Generation.



Director: Andreas Dresen
Music: Johannes Repka

Timm Thaler oder Das verkaufte Lachen (Timm Thaler or Laughter for Sale) tells the story of a boy who trades his enchanting laughter to a wealthy Baron in exchange for the ability to win any bet he makes. Regretting the exchange, he undertakes a four-year journey to win his laughter back.

Johannes Repka's score for Andreas Dresen’s adaptation of James Krüss’ 1962 published socially critical novel has been nominated for the German Film Awards 2017 in the category Best Film Music.




Director: Pola Beck
Music: Johannes Repka

Lucy is fed up with performing as a perfect mother and is feeling restless. When a store detective searches her buggy, he finds more than he could have ever imagined. A film about the absurdities of being a mother nowadays.

Premiere: Hof International Film Festival 2017



Director: Erik Schmitt
Music: Johannes Repka

A bear escapes and a whole city goes mad: While all citizens go about their absurd everyday-activities, a bear has managed to free itself from its kennel. Meanwhile Kore has a completely different problem: The shadows of her past are haunting her - shadows she cannot get rid of. There is simply no way out: she needs to face her most grueling fear.

Berlin Metanoia was premiered at Berlin International Film Festival 2016.