Tin Soheili

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Danish music award-nominee and multi-instrumentalist Tin Soheili has left his mark on the international music and film scene, having composed and produced film scores for more than 150 productions worldwide, also co-composing under the alias greatmusic.

Besides scoring for film, Soheili has toured extensively as a musician, in the past years with critically acclaimed and Grammy-longlisted Pakistani/Danish quintet Rocqawali, whose second release was produced by legendary Mark Howard (Neil Young/Bob Dylan/Daniel Lanois/R.E.M.). Furthermore, Tin Soheili has composed for theatre and dance including several modern ballet pieces by choreographer Pernille Garde.

He masters various string instruments, such as the sitar, oud, saz, setar, ronroco, mandolin and dilruba and underwent classical orchestration training with Danish composer Anders Brødsgaard.

Tin Soheili’s latest film scores include the music for Bo Tengberg’s drama Wonderful Copenhagen, for Made in Bangladesh, a French/Danish drama by Rubaiyat Hossain, to be premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2019 and for the acclaimed documentary We Could be Heroes, directed by Hind Bensari and awarded with the Top Jury Prize for Best International Documentary at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 2018. The film was longlisted for an Academy Award. Furthermore, Soheili recently scored the short film Roqaia, which will have its world premiere at the 2019 edition of Venice Film Festival.


Made in Bangladesh, 2019
Directed by Rubaiyat Hossain

Roqaia, 2019
Directed by Diana Saqeb Jamal
short film

Wonderful Copenhagen, 2018
Directed by Bo Tengberg

We Could be Heroes, 2018
Directed by Hind Bensari
Best International Documentary Hot Docs Canadian Intl. Documentary Festival 2018

Oscar longlist 2019

Elephantbird, 2018
Directed by Amir Masoud Soheili
short film

Bedre Skilt end Aldrig, 2016
Directed by Hella Joof
TV series (8 episodes) co-composed w/ Niklas Schak

En-tro-te-nu!, 2016
Directed by Barbara Topsøe-Rothenburg
Co-composed w/ Simon Ravn

Hornsleth: Deep Storage Project, 2014
Directed by Theis Molin

Sepideh, 2013
Directed by Berit Madsen
Co-composed w/ Niklas Schak
Nominated for Grand Jury Prize at Sundance (2014)
Winner Best Soundtrack Costa Rica Festival Internacional de Cine (2014)

Crossing The Line, 2013
Directed by Theis Molin

The Ambassador, 2011
Directed by Mads Brügger
Co-composed w/ Niklas Schak
Nominated for Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2012
Robert Award for Best Documentary (2012)

Unge Freud i Gaza, 2008
Directed by Suzanne Khardalian, Per Åke Holmquist
Co-composed w/ Niklas Schak

Ej blot til lyst, 2006
Directed by Per Wennick
Co-composed w/ Niklas Schak

Children of Darfur, 2006
Directed by Camilla Nielsson
Co-composed w/ Niklas Schak



Director: Rubaiyat Hossain
Music: Tin Soheili

Ugly walls of resistance arise when a Dhaka woman attempts to organize her garment factory co-workers, in this piercing indictment of exploitative labour practices and the global trade apparatus supporting them.

World Premiere: September 6, 2019 - Toronto International Film Festival



Director: Diana Saqeb Jamal
Music: Tin Soheili

Roqaia tells the story of a 10 year old girl struggling to forget the loss of a friend and a school bombing in Kabul, only to find herself being made into a hero by her family.

For the first time, a co-production from Afghanistan and Bangladesh has been selected for the short film section of Venice International Film Festival, where Roqaia will have its world premiere on August 29, 2019.



Director: Hind Bensari
Music: Tin Soheili

When Azzedine Nouiri comes back home to Morocco from the London Paralympic Games with a gold medal and world record, he thinks his life is about to change and he will finally have the means to build a bright future and feed his family. However, he is instead immediately forgotten by the federation and the government who deny him the right to a salary, social care and even the right to train in his city’s athletics stadium.

At the same time, he becomes the symbol of success for Youssef, a mentally disabled illiterate boy who has been isolated all his life and would now love to take the plane for the first time, see the world, be seen. Motivated by his fight for social justice, Azzedine takes Youssef under his wings with the aim of making both of them reach the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. This unusual pair’s journey ends up being less about sport and more about the pains and the joys of their struggle to exist as men in a society uninterested in elevating those who are different. 

In the face of the challenges they encounter, We Could Be Heroes casts a deep introspective into Moroccan society, and the need for those who are marginalised to be loved and accepted to feel worthy.

The film was awarded with the Top Jury Prize for Best International Documentary at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 2018 and longlisted for an Academy Award.